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Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation

Department of Communication

November 17th, 2010

P.O. Box 60006, Irvine, CA 92602, USA



Report on the submission of the first 10,000+ signatures



Dear World Citizens:


On November 16, 2010 and at 4:30 PM (PT), Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation completed mailing out the petition letter signed by more than 10,000 people from 77 countries around the world to the presidents and prime ministers of the 11 Southeast Asian countries, the Secretary General of the United Nations, the United Nations Atlas of the Oceans, Geographic Society of 10 countries, including Australia, Canada, European Union, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, and the United States of America.


As previously announced, this is just the first round of the petition, and we still continue the campaign until we succeed.


Ladies and gentlemen, our campaign has highly demonstrated a modern, civilized attitude and human common responsibility toward common property of mankind in the early 21st century. Therefore, we anticipate that we will soon receive a positive response from the leaders and the geographic societies.


Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation would like to thank for all support we have received from individuals, organizations, media agencies, and journalists.



Best regards,

Nha Tran H. Nguyen

Head of Media Team







- Addressee list

- A typical letter: Letter to the President of the Philippines (Enclosures: a copy of Petition and Background text and List of more than 10,000 supporters from 76 countries at the time of submission)





1. NTHF has informed US Embassies in the Asia Pacific Region and a number of Foreign Embassies to the USA about the submission of more than 10,000 signatures for the Petition: "Change the name South China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea" - 11.18.2010.


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